Being Machiavellian need not imply cruelty, hostility, or manipulation for its own sake.  Rather,the Machiavellian is willing to act, without the burden of external standards of virtue to achieve legitimate goals

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The book to get if you want to understand personality and only text to include Machiavelli's view of  personality


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The Links below  include:
1) 3 complete outlines and summaries of The Prince
2) A compilation of all major works by Machiavelli
3) Biographies of Machiavelli and his contemporaries.
4) Analyses of his writings and renaissance history.

Note: some these outlines are several hundred pages long, allow a few moments to load.  They contain all things Machiavelli,s summaries of his writing, summary of the prince, the history of Machaivelli's time.

After opening one, use the search function of your browser to find a particular term you are seeking)

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An outline and summary of Machiavelli's The Prince and  a summary of all Machiavelli's essential ideas click here:

Note: there are 4 summaries of The Prince


A summary of The Prince and an examination of  Machiavelli's life

with references and Quotations






A  Comprehensive compilation of all of  Machiavelli's books & plays with, analyses, and summaries




 A detailed and comprehensive summary, outline and commentary of The Prince and the history in which Machiavelli wrote it.








Want to see what he looked like? Paintings of Machiavelli     


Another Summary of the Prince



A summary of La Mandragola



The Prince

Description of Methods.

The Life of Castruccio Castrani

Machiavelli and his political philosophy

The Art of War

  Machiavelli Songs 

Machiavelli Songs from the Machiavelli Musical

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